TypoCircle D&AD Brief
Supplements for The Typographic Circle
One of the 2012 D&AD Student briefs (set by Pentagram) was to design three supplements for The Typographic Circle's annual magazine, Circular, that each celebrate a designer/studio that has been involved with the association. 

The brief was keen to mention the supplements should not be a pastiche of work, but a fresh approach to typographic exploration, while encompassing Circular's unique style.

The outcomes I produced, not only celebrate my chosen designers (Anthony Burrill, Paul Davis & Studio8) but the way in which we communicate and process information. Each supplement is catered to either auditory, visual or kinesthetic communication, through quotes that I feel really evoke the designers true personality and style. They are fun, light-hearted and uncomplicated, allowing the reader to be as involved in the publication as they like.
Covers of all three supplement mock-ups.
Each booklet begins with an introduction insert on the designer/studio.
Examples of work features on the last pages of the supplements, however the focus is more typographic with quotes from the designers.
Concept board for D&AD submission, explaining kinesthetic features such as the 'bright ideas megaphone' or 'happy thoughts paper airplanes'.
Spread within kinesthetic Anthony Burrill supplement that includes cards that can be folded into paper airplanes, sending positivity as he does!
Perforated element
Centre spread focusing on Burrill's quote 'The less things you have, the less there is to go wrong'
Megaphone spread
Instructions on how to assemble the megaphone!
Concept board for the auditory supplement on Paul Davis
Alongside elements that physically create noise, I designed this booklet around the thinking that language essentially is sound and reflected this through the spreads. 
Concept board for D&AD describing the use of perforations in my designs
Spread for Auditory supplement, in which you remove sections of perforations to reveal 'I'm just a nosey bastard' - Paul Davis.
Concept board for Studio8's 'visual' supplement.
Acetate overlay
Images of Studio8's stunning work overwhelm the spread and push the quote on 'organised chaos' into the background
'It's not a foregone conclusion that the 'big' clients go to the 'big' agencies anymore.' - Matt Wiley
Simple back covers providing the reader with a brief summary of the designer, but also the idea behind the supplement series.
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