"On the Run" work in progress
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So what is this project?
Behance have removed the Work in progress feature instead urging users to post their WIP as a project. So here's a behind the scenes look at how some of the models were made.
Reworking the car model...
Adding more detail to the car...grill, headlights, hubcaps, door handles etc. Have to get started on the interior next.
Area lights added and cleaned up render to remove noise.
Finally getting some time to work on this project again. Based on old road runner cartoons, here's a peak at one of the renders.
Finally getting some time to work on this project. Beginning to build the setting. Based on Roadrunner cartoons.
Finally got some free time to return to this project! It's a slow burner alright but starting to get somewhere. Here's some work in progress of an ambulance.
Ambulance design for "On the Run"
Working on the next vehicle, a News Van, lots of work left. Feeling its a bit of a departure from the other two but let's see where it goes.
Some more slight adjustments...not very noticable. Smaller door, grill bars run horizontal, hub caps detailed, licence plate added, indicator lights, satelite dish detail added, aerials, roof lights oh and Channel 47 News logo added to the top of the van...its 90% there.
Added a squad car to the list of vehicles. More to come.
Car and Caravan model for "On the Run"
Working on a new model.
7 vehicles done...8 more to go.
Monster Truck...85% complete.C4D + VrayforC4D + PS
More car stickers!
Texturing the caravan in a denim motif :)
90% complete texturing.
Rebuilding and optimizing alot of the mesh for the RV. Also adding some extra doors and compartments just in case they are needed for animation at a later stage. Up next is the UV-ing process then painting! Fingers crossed it will turn out well.
Beginning to paint the RV.
A short break of modelling and painting some trees and now I'm back to painting the "character" vehicles. Here's the ambulance. One of the very first models made. Pretty low on detail compared to the newer models so the textures are kept pretty simple too.
Working full time now so will have even less time for this project sadly...will it ever be completed? Not sure! ha
Bus from "On the Run"CINEMA 4D, BodyPaint, VrayforC4DWork in progress
And so "the City Chauffeur" is born...
Completed uv mapping and adjustments for the City Chauffeur bus model.
A ditched colour concept of yellow and brownish black in favour of the green and blue. Will use the combo for another vehicle at a later stage...who knows when that will be at this rate!
Reworking the "Channel 47 News Van" not happy with the character of the vehicle so trying to push it some more.
Almost complete with the first round of UV maps and textures. Hopefully will have part one of this project out on Behance soon!
Finally! UV mapping is complete...just in time for Christmas.
A real 70's vibe with this model me thinks.
Only took two years to getting around to texture painting this model. Not bad going by my standards.
Getting there!
Possible idea for presentation...or maybe I just wanted to play around with people who flick back and forth between images in this wip :)
So close I can taste it!
Sorry but more Wippy :)
Still struggling to get the colour right....yellow feels the closest.
Coming in hot! Another paint job for the "no" pile. NEXT!
I'm so happy right now :)
Some of the film, game and tv references from my recent project on Behance.1. Ramblin’ Entertainment is referencing Amblin Entertainment who were the producers for Monster House Also above is a sticker for Nebercraker Motors - the “villain” in Monster House.2. RVTV well that’s just TV for and RV. Simples.3. The make and model of the car from the car and caravan is a Sierra Scientist. A reference to one of my favorite games Half-life. 4. The BORT licence plate from The Simpsons (of course).
"On the Run" work in progress

"On the Run" work in progress

Since the wrapping up of the WIP feature I decided to post this "Work in Progress" for my short animation "On the Run". There's nothing really ne Read more


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