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    This was a Branding Proposal for the MCAST Art & Design Institute end of year exhibition
As a group we talked this concept into creatinga brand where we can give confidence and actually convince them about theschool students, staff, students work , campus etc.. We knew that we had to create something differentand modern.
Our message is simple. We Believe in thecapabilities of this schools students and We believe in the students work. Asthe branding of the exhibition we definitely want to portray the rightmessage.. and by this BELIEVE IN I was created.
Our Exhibition is a great opportunity for usstudents to project all our products and services to the general public. Takingpart in the school exhibition would actlike a stepping up a ladder of success cause it provide many excellentplatforms for business. Believe In can give the right confidence to thestudents , “ showing how proud the school is by its students themselves” .
A successful brand is extremely important foran exhibition especially for this particular exhibition, because here we areshowcasing a variety of different medium and we have to try and tackle each oneof them thought the branding itself.
Through our branding we want to project theschools standards and quality of products and services that we as an institutedeliver. Through Believe In we are showing to the public the confidence andinnovativeness the institute can offer.
The exhibition branding can be a very importantfactor, but the more important is the products of the exhibition and how wewill treat our visitors. We really are cautious of our schools image of yourand the prospects visitors that they can understand the quality and servicethat we provide.
If your branding has a good impact on the mindsof potential visitors, they will remember you, and there is more possibility ofthem visiting the next years exhibition.