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    Past Objects Author: Scott Jordan Photographer: J.K. Putnam Publisher: Mark Batty Publisher, 2010
Past Objects


 7" x 8", 128 pages, hardcover

Buy a copy directly from The MVA: http://supermarkethq.com/product/past-objects-book
Table of Contents. Typography through-out the book was inspired by late-1800s/early-1900s archeology journals and books.
Divider page for essay
 Essay spread
Divider page for plates
J.K. Putnam’s photography is beautiful and we could easily have put a single image on each page but we wanted to show as much of Scott Jordan’s collection possible. We looked to auction catalogs for influence. These have to balance making the objects look desirable while also being economical with image usage. 
A flexible grid allowed us to fit almost a high number of images on each page.
Full-page images used at intervals break up the repetitive nature of the photo grid and keep the reader interested.
The last section of the book displays Scott Jordan’s own artwork constructed from broken and unrepairable artifacts.