ISTD On Yer Bike - City of Cape Town Cycling Initiative
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    ISTD On Yer Bike Project Proposal.
ISTD On Yer Bike: City of Cape Town Cycling Initiative

The objective of this project was to create a signage and wayfinding system that can assist cyclists in an urban area to find places of interest, get the shortest route to their destination and explore the city by means of cycling.  The other objective was to promote a cycling culture and position cycling as a preferred mode of transport.  The project was aimed to coincide with the Cape Town 2014 Design Capital Bid.

After doing some research about signage, wayfinding and cycling infrastrusctures around the world, I established the following key components:
Signage had to be simple, understandable and universal.  Wayfinding had to be easy to use, but still be aesthetically pleasing and creatively applied.  A specific signage identity for Cape Town had to be invented for this cycling program.
The applications included an proposal catalogue, benefit card, city guide "dogtags", wayfinding brochure, in-shop membership stickers, portable wrist-maps,  a regional map and a promotional poster.  The typeface DinPro was chosen as the main signage font.
The proposal included the implementation of a program, with a strategy which will facilitate the growth and establishment of a bicycle culture and infrastructure in the City of Cape Town metropolitan area.  The goal was to create a program where commuters would be rewarded for participation by providing them with free bicycle parking space, a membership card that can be used to swipe when locking your bike, gain points for purchases at program affiliates, and get discounts on entrance charges at local attractions (like parks, bike routes etc.).  Local businesses would then join the program to benefit from and attract customers who are members of the initiative. In turn they would provide discounts, specials and reward points when benefit cards are swiped.   
My solution to using a map while bicycling, was to provide commuters with portable maps that can be fastened on their magnetic strips around your wrist. These can be requested at vending machines at hubs in every suburb, and commuters are rewarded with benefit points for recycling them.
Hubs located in every suburb would provide bike locking facilities, a regional map and portable map vending machines.
City guides (used as "dogtags" around your neck) which explain the program, signage and wayfinding modes.
Portable wrist-maps with magnetic ends.
A regional map providing hub locations, types of routes and city attractions.