Scaling a Crisis
Internally Displaced People (IDP's)
Internally Displaced People, or IDP’s, are groups of people who areforced to flee their own homes, due mainly to internal conflict and violationof human rights. IDP’s differ from ‘refugees’ in that they instead remainwithin the borders of their own country, relocating to IDP camps totake advantage of humanitarian aid.

It is difficult to obtain official figures for IDP’s. By the end of2006, it was estimated that there were 24.5 million IDPs in 52 countries.Whilst IDP crisis in larger camps such as those in Darfur, Sudan are relativelywell-reported, it is difficult to understand the causes of such displacement.

Using a sample of African countries, demographic statistics including geography,population density, trade and military history are presented as a series of hexagonaltessellations. Examples of ‘non information’ (statistics not published by certaincountries) are exposed by using a template formed of basic shapes and diecutting. Sourcing data from the CIA World Factbook, the study is presented as an A5 part-work, allowing disparate sets of information, and internaldisplacement occurring within the UK, to be compared and contrasted.