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    Bitcarrier: CitySolver & RoadSolver
Citysolver & Roadsolver clips
The citysolver and roadsolver are the two main solutions offered by Bitcarrier for real-time traffic management. These two promotional videos feature their benefits focusing the Bitcarrier client as well as the end-user perspective. The particular mixture of 2D and 3D animation was chosen in order to represent the technically complex functionality of those products on one hand and its sites of operation on the other by two different narrative levels that interweave in the course of the clip, which creates a short but complex and visually attractive narrative.

Citysolver & Roadsolver, Animation clip, 60 sec.

Client: Bitcarrier, Spain, Barcelona
Agency: Brava Büro

Art direction: Brava Büro
Animation 2D: Joel Lozano
Animation 3D: Lars Nagler
Date: 2011