Limited edition
The Alan Parsons Projects—
Eye in the sky • Deluxe version. 
The circle represents perfection, completeness, unity, that which has no rupture.
Traditional emblem of that which has no beginning and no end.
The project aims to reinterpret with any type of material or forms the concept of eye in the sky.
The eye, in ancient times was a symbol of prosperity, of royal power.
An academic project,
tribute to Alan Parsons
Brief      :
—Finding a concept.
Redesign the cover of an album of your choice.
Create a communication around the new world created.
The ey  e                                  .
—Key Visual.
The project
. cover design
. book
. packaging design
. product design
. posters
—Cover design.
—Cover design.
Bo  o  
                k                       —
Book cover design.
Book cover design.
Book cover design.
—Inside book.
Po st e 
          r                           s—
e  ye                  s  .              
Reuse of materials to create new ones.
In this case they were used a spray and a trumpet bell.