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The Hiratsuka Museum of Art in Kanagawa Prefecture is running a project called “Appreciation of Art through Dialogues.” Appreciation of Art through Dialogues is a method of art appreciation in which children talk freely about what they think and feel about artworks in front of their classmates without relying on the knowledge they already have, in order to enrich their understanding of art. This method was developed in MoMA in 1980s. In this method, children can nurture their powers of observation, ability to think, and communication skills by observing carefully and expressing their opinions with words, rather than pursuing one correct answer. tegusu created the logos of the project and volunteer team names, and produced the pamphlet, leaflet and so on.
CL:平塚市美術館/Hiratsuka Museum of Art
Art Direction, Design, Illustration:Masaomi Fujita
The name for the project has a stiff impression at first glance, so I tried creating the kind of logo that looks cheerful and attracts children as well as adults, even though kanji letters are used, taking in pop elements such as a balloon, triangular megaphones that face to each other, as well as motifs of eyes and faces, that signify “dialogues” and “appreciation.” Also, the project team is comprised of a group of volunteers called “Hirabee Atsumare (Gather around, Hirabees),” and I proposed a team logo in which motifs linked to the project logo are used, which helps staff members bond together and make children feel closer to the staff. It is designed so that it can be easily used as a sticker to put on a name plate, as a badge, or in many other forms.

The pamphlet and leaflet contain colorful illustration that shows a scene of a dialogue in a straightforward manner and the bee character “Hirabee-san,” which I created for this current project. For both of them, I provided designs that can easily be used for the development of the project in the future.