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On Air Opening Sequence, Music Clip, Outdoor and On Air Campaign. Promax/BDA 2012 Gold Award Opening Sequence, Gold Award Telenovela Promotion
Concept, Direction, Art Direction, Music Video Script
There’s no room for a crowd in the cover of a magazine. This is a celebrity war where fame is the target. And you are the bullet. Haters gonna hate! 
Popland! is a teen soap opera produced by MTV Latin America. For its Showopen and Launching Campaign we snoop inside a celebrity’s brain. We discovered that there was plenty of room for flashes. The hall of fame has only one tiny chair.
PromaxBDA 2012 Gold Award Program Open, Gold Award Telenovela Promotion, Gold Award Outdoor/Transit Ad, Silver Award Print Ad Campaign
Co Directed with Gianfranco Quattrini
Still Photography by Juampi Bonino