Logo Designs
I enjoy including my fine arts sensibilities when it comes to designing logos... these are almost all entirely for clients or organizations, plus some personal projects.
2011 Ohio University College Republicans identity
 Pacific State University identity. PSU is a fictional school, one that I created for my upcoming novel, The Pursuit. For more information about this project, see here. The logo incorporates blues and silvers to reflect the location in Salem, Oregon.
 Proposed logo for a start-up called EkoHero. The owner intends to create eco-friendly recycling receptacles that combine fun with environmental responsibility.
A logo idea for a fictional/proposed Pittsburgh sports team. Pittsburgh is the only city in the world where all its sports teams share the colors black and gold; I departed from it as this is what the challenge called for. The team name pays homage to the industrial history of the city and the importance of the Three Rivers.