Zinor Layla Specials (Night Tube)
“Night Tube” is a late-night show that specializes in Internet phenomena and social memes. The program showcases the phenomena in a forum where they are discussed in an entertaining format geared to an 18-45 year-old demographic.

Awarded “Best entertainment show of 2014” by the Israeli TV Academy.

Their amazing team asked me to produce graphics for their Specials,
these included their "1000 show", "3 Year anniversary", "Hachazit", and more

1000 Show
Full project can be viewed here: http://net,nana10.co.il/Article/?ArticleID=1104256

Studio show (panoramic graphics and broadcast design) + bumper ("back from commercials"): 

Hachazit (The Front)
Full project can be viewed on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/hahazit/

Social change and justice for the "small man" through joint forces.

In 2015  "Zinor Layla" along with "0404", "The Situation Room", "Kikar Hashabat" and "Gady Vilchersky" collaborated into this Super-group, helping and leading towards a true Social change. This group broke the barrier of TV and Journalism and actively created projects to right a lot of wrongs. Some examples are "HOT week", "IQtech week" and "The Farming/Agriculture Association week".

Branding, graphic design done for this project, including logo, broadcast kit, animations and social media banners.

Logo Explorations:

Logo Bump + Social Banner: