Post Owl Postal ServicesThe Creation of a Fictional Postal Service
Post Owl Postal Services is an alternative to the United States Postal service.  The target is to appeal to millenials and young families who desire an alternative to digital communication.  The slogan,  “Make it Special." is meant to remind consumers of the feeling they get when they recieve that letter in the mail.  It is a feeling that cannot be replicated through email, which can often feel cold and distant.  Post Owl brings back the excitement of the hand-written letter. 
To create an identity that exudes fun and excitment and reminds consumers of the magic of letter-writing.  A logo, postal supplies and stationery that beg consumers to use them and spread the joy they represent are all needed.
A wide-eyed, endearing owl mascot is both a reminder of the history of written communication and an allusion to the magic and surprise of a handwritten letter.  The bright colors and contemporary fonts bring Post Owl into the 21st century with an exciting visual read.