Graphic Design | Branding Identity
王學琪 | 王用賓 | 吳秉誠 | 歐陽競康 | 盧欣琪

CHEER UP不僅開發主視覺,本次視覺更將32個參展小組製作成動畫,強化彼此的聯結和凝聚力。
CHEER UP is the branding design for 2016 graduation exhibition of Commercial Design Department of MCU.
This year, we focus on how design changes our lives as an inspiriting power. From individuals to public,
from happy to happiness, design evolves itself and heartens our lives as an expedition.
Based on the spirit of social design, art and design workshops for remote elementary schools were established
as one of our campaigns. Students were encouraged to express their vision of happiness by creativity.
Eventually, artworks from these events were designed into unique exercise books, postcards and stationeries
related to the theme, which would evoke children’s interest about art and also bridge the rural-urban gap of
aesthetic education.
CHEER UP, the initial inspiration of happiness.