The Linjär Coffee Table
An exploration of Scandinavian design

The Linjar Coffee Table was originally designed for IKEA and because of that is designed with Scandinavian design principals and designing with the environment in mind from cradle to grave.
The Linjar coffee table is constructed entirely from renewable 30mm Plantation beech ply-wood, does not require fittings of any sort, It was designed to be cut using a CNC water-jet  to with in a tolerance of 0.05mm so that once assembled with bio-degradable glue and painted with bio-degradable lacquer and white-wash. This design is also able to be flat packed in recycled cardboard boxes for transportation that may be recycled.
Being wood it requires no maintenance during its useful life, once it reaches the end of its useful life it may be recycled again or left to bio-degrade.

The above Photograph is of a scale model i prepared of my table.