Fashion Retail Advertising Concept
A.L.C. is a new clothing and jewelry line by fashion designer and celebrity stylist Andrea Lieberman.
Andrea designs for "a girl with style and modern aesthetic," with ready-to-wear garments
ranging from $300-600.

Objective: Create a campaign for A.L.C's Spring Collection. 
I took inspiration from natural spring forms and from two quotes by Andrea Leiberman:

“The final result is less about the beginning inspiration
and more about the journey and creative process."

“I’m about easy looks constructed with layers.
I like the luxury of transforming from preppy chic to downtown street
just by taking off my cardigan and rolling up my sleeves.”

Spring is about transfiguration and new life - (hatching/growing/blooming.) There is a process during which an idea grows into a physical piece, then there is the breathtaking moment when it is unveiled. My goal was to capture the anticipation in my ads and then reward it.

I wanted to imply that the clothing wasn't manufactured, it was born from inspiration and a creative journey. The garment is shown as beautiful and delicate but also strong enough to push its way out and flourish.

The ads involve taking the viewer through a process, during which they must to wait for the moment of gratification when the garment is revealed.
A.L.C Facebook Redesign
A.L.C Homepage Redesign
Execution stemmed from the concept. I knew what I wanted the end result to look like, but had no idea how to get there so the project was largely experimental.

It was a fun challenge to figure out how to make the garment appear as though it was emerging from a cocoon while floating in the air. I had very limited supplies and the process had to be shot twice, but I learned several new techniques both in physical styling and in software.

The end result came out almost exactly as I had planned.

Many thanks to Dion Utt, who helped with photos and styling on the second shoot.