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    Illustration made for Patari, Pakistan's largest online platform for streaming local music.
Illustrations done for Patari, Pakistan's largest online platform for streaming local music.
Patari Aslis album art
In their own words, Patari announced that they "rounded up six of the most talented and exciting young musicians around and funded them to create the music that they want to create on their own terms, without any creative dictation whatsoever. What’s more, the musicians retain full rights to the track - something completely unprecedented in this day and age of corporate sponsored music initiatives. This one is straight from the heart, people.
The result is a brilliant mix of 6 diverse tracks, showcasing the breathtaking depth and talent from young stalwarts of our music industry, destined to be the superstars of tomorrow. Featuring The Tamaashbeens, Abdullah Qureshi, Shajie, Sikandar ka Mandar, Mehdi Maloof Music and Hawaii Jahaz, we give you Patari Aslis - Volume 1." 
I was asked to design the album art that would be used on the Patari app, their concerts, and to be sold as posters.

In the Press:
The News on Sunday
The Express Tribune
Cover art for the Patari Aslis (aka Originals) album featuring the original badasses, the Mughals. I drew the scene as a homage to the miniature painting style prevalent in what was known as the Indian Subcontinent. The cover art becomes a court scene-- rocker style.
Apart from the more obvious cultural references on the front, the ferris wheel on the back is to set the scene at Mughal Coachella; Ahaha could not help myself.
The Patari concert in Lahore and Karachi respectively (photographed by Ayesha Haroon)
Banner illustration
I was also asked to illustrate a banner image for featured section in the app. The brief was open-ended, and I chose to combine my love for Islamic architecture (inspired by the walls I see in my city, Lahore) and my take on our collective identity.  
Also! In case anybody is interested in the details (the Islamic tile pattern in the background, the Mickey Mouse watch, the Edwin Starr shirt, the Mughal necklace, the Sid Vicious choker and the peace tattoo, the galaxy in her eyes...) this is my way of saying we are all part of this one world with so many shared experiences. Say no to discrimination. Say no to war. Say no to misogyny. Say no to Islamophobia, or whatever phobia convinces you that we are all so different from one another.
It was so fun going crazy on these illustrations! Also thanks to the wonderful Patari co-founder, Khalid Bajwa.