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    IMISS COLLECTION is the new furniture and furniture accessory collection made of recycled material and designed by Fabrizia Zorzenon for Officina… Read More
    IMISS COLLECTION is the new furniture and furniture accessory collection made of recycled material and designed by Fabrizia Zorzenon for Officina 1159. Read Less
The new furniture collection made of recycledmaterial and designed by Fabrizia Zorzenon 
Madeup of an elegant and stylish chair that gives its name to the entirecollection, its Möhd table and Cleo bookshelf, Imiss Collection is acombination of forms and colours that reveals its essence and distinctivenature in recycled corrugated cardboard. Exploiting the high resistance of thelatter and the incredible aesthetic properties it conceals within, FabriziaZorzenon presents an impressively original and new collection able to furnishany room or event or make it unique and creative to your guests and friends'eyes.

TheImiss chair is inspired by the design and modernist elements of the 20s,invoking the harmonious weave of lines in Mies' Barcelona chair.
Onthe other hand, the Möhd table stands out for its beauty and character,representing the reminiscence of desert sand that flows in the gentlecorrugated cardboard lines with its forms and traits.
Lastly,Cleo is the expression of the cardboard’s dynamic and intrinsic force which iscaptured here as it forms through the shape that becomes the trace of theforces that generated it.
Thusecologically sustainable furniture that finds its strength in the purity andtenacity of its forms and the means through which the poor cardboard materialis enhanced.

Itsform is inspired by the modernist design of the twenties and evokes Mies’Barcelona to recreate a weave of harmonious lines that enrich the poorcardboard material.
Aquote thus intended to become a mark, a pure and essential form that revealsthe intimate aesthetics of corrugated cardboard through its astonishingsimplicity.
Dueto the composition and technology of this material, IMISS is a design object inwhich form and structure merge into each other.
Particularlyfirm and resistant, this chair reveals an aesthetic whose quality emerges fromthe complicity of the elements. Onthe one hand, the eclectic nature of cardboard and its corrugated texturewhile, on the other, the will to eliminate superficiality to leave room forslenderness and transparency. All this is achieve through a materialdissolution process where both the empty spaces and volumes become theprotagonist of the work: an expert alternation of volume and emptiness, matterand air, that thus creates a sounding board in which the calligraphy of themarks echoes. The latter, visualrepresentation of the forces in play in the chair, are shaded red andrhythmically mark its propagandist material to become the expressive key of theproject and recognisable signature of its author.
Fromsinuous and elegant lines and simple and essential matter emerges the accessorytable par excellence.
Itstraits recall the desert sand, the curves blown by the wind, cut and assembledto give room to the natural material that seems to flow from the lines.
Naturethus modelled by the same material and made into a physical object by thegentle lines of corrugated cardboard.
Admirablein beauty and character and adaptable to any type of room, Mohd represents thesecond corrugated cardboard design model designed by architect and designerFabrizia Zorzenon.
Cleo is theexpression of the continuous oscillation between several implications. Its formand duotone emerge from the competition of forces in motion which expressthemselves through resistance to an opposing force. A game that thus translates into a guided force able togovern the forms, pushing them towards the continuous and uninterrupted pursuitof a better position. The result is a latent movement that is captured here asit forms and that remains impressed in the material through a form that becomesthe trace of the forces that generated it.