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    Most popular IM in Poland - complete graphic redesign
GG Instant Messenger
Since its start in 2000, still the most popular instant messenger in Poland.
Throughout the years, Gadu-Gadu became large application, assembling a lot of functions not typical for that type of software. Its growth, justified by business purposes, didn't go together with good design in both, application architecture and graphic matters, thus reduced number of users to 6millions (due to 11millions in its golden age). The new version was maybe the last chance GG had to make anyone care about its brand again. I was responsible for art direction and graphic design.

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Some graphics presented below, may differ from online version.
Login window
"Stripes" and background made by Totostudio
Contact list
You can choose between "stars" or "groups" view. "Stars view" lets you mark favorite contact and pin it to top of the list. Groups lets you organize contacts into separate groups like "job", "home" etc. 
Status icons by Totostudio
Contact details are shown on slider as well as few other things such as search results, invites, group creator etc. 
Everything can be chronicled in GG. Once you turn on History, you'll be able to easily find any recent chats, calls, sent files, links etc. 
Archive stores everything online, so you always have access to your files, chat history etc. 
GG can work as a simple Mail program, however it works only for GG accounts. None of the most popular ones, such as Gmail, Hotmail, could be installed here, at least for now. 
GG Disk
You have 3GB free space. File and folder sharing available.
Files&folders icons by Totostudio
Almost every public radio station in Poland and bunch of internet stations. 
Chat window
GG offers one-on-one chats, conferences, video and voice calls. You can also play games together. By clicking on the black slider, you have easy access to any files, links or videos that ever appeared during the chat. 
You can install additional applications - maybe there's not much of them now, but the "Application Folder" will continously grow. Once installed, application is available in dock. Dock is flexible and can fit its size to the needed one when you'll have more than one column of applications.
Icons are full colored on hover.
I made 6 color themes, however all the colors are implemented by code so it's very easy for users to create their own look&feel. It's also possible to put images to the background. 
Thanks to everyone involved in this project

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