10 Year Anniversary T-Shirt
Boldly Celebrating 10 Years
During my time in RoboJackets one of my non-engineering tasks was to develop a shirt for our 10th year. It was our first team shirt in over 5 years. Since we wanted to send this out to a number of campus units that support us, alumni, and corporate sponsors we wanted to keep costs down, but also come up with a design that was highly attractive and worthy of the occasion. 

I spent a long time trying to figure out how to best show the mile stone. Make a 10 year logo and do a slight rebranding seemed too much given the time requirements. In the end a simple and clear approach was taken. Below are the front and back designs.
Front of t-shirt. This was placed over the location were a pocket would be. This helped to give a corporate / team feel to the shirts.
Back of T-Shirt listed sponsors and our logo. I was going for a good way to show the mile stone and the logo big at the same time. I was able to combine the two into one centralized focus. These shirts were targeted at promoting the groups branding and our historic milestone. We were able to keep costs down by going for only two colors (white / grey). For product we were only charged for one color due to its limited use. Even though black doesn't stand out as an attention getting color it fits the needs of working in a machine shop and competition environment as stains don't show as much and the shirts can keep a comparatively clean appearance after heavy use.