Nissan Silvia "Neo Runner" S15
Neo Runner / free 3D model

Licence: CC-BY-NC

You can use it free for any non-commercial purposes - porrtfolio, demo reel, educational.
I do not allow commercial use.

-All object names are english
-fully textured
-rigged (under 3ds Max doors are opeanble, wheels rotatable)
-added obj and psd for compatibility and editing convinience
-3ds Max 2014 + V-ray 3.20.03 ready - loads without errors. Checked!
-system scale is set to metric (centimeters), LUT/gamma is ON 2.20

Kind of "preprocess". I searched for inspirations and gathered them in a mosaic. Some of ideas were acceppted, some rejected. Either way that helped me to get an idea of what I'm aiming for. I watched many JDM videos on YouTube like driting or JGTC competition to stay simple and concise with the subject. I wanted to create something original but not to fancy or abstract. Next I came up to...
As one could suppose, very time and work consuming stage, but at the end, also very satisfactionary and self-developing. The order of tasks is: (1) Splinecage. Intro to actual modeling, not a modeling stage itself. Helps to determine curves and shapes of a car and face with blueprints which often are LIARS! they don't mach in certain views. In example a height of a mirror which looks good in rear and side veiw of blueprint not neccesairly must mach the front view, actually in most cases it doesen't. The same applies to any other views/parts. Spline cage helps to ommit these accurateness, if you lay splines carefully, basing on reference photos. And comming to refernces, be aware they are not just pictures from car manufacturers site, blogs, forums, but also VIDEOS from (i.e.) second hand sellers which often show car as close as possible, thus enabling you to see details/devices which are hardly to spot on pictures. (2) Modeling. Nothing fancy. Low poly mesh at first, then convert to 1x subdivision and cuttings, refinements, detailng. In some places, secondary subdivision may be required. No need to stay perfectly exact on density of whole mesh. Windows and lights which stay within the body are important, they must be modelled on a low poly base and remain with the rest. Some begginer modellers delete them and that's a huge mistake. When modelling, keeping an eye on references is essential, prints or second monitor may be good solution.
Another uptade. This time many aftermarket parts from the best manufacturers, combined with my ideas.
This might be not so obvious at a first glance, but much of a detail have appeared this time. Also, a concept changes (a major ones) which includes name, and a livery of the vehicle. We 've got a new sponsor which is going to be Burn Energy Drink. I decided to rebrand a car to Burn Silvia Spec-D (S15). That idea hit me while I was drinking this beverage. I found it interesting for car name, which in fact is going to be burning its tires while passing tight corners and hairpins. Also a color scheme have cleared - it's going to be red-black, based on a legendary 1997 Nissan R-390 LM Race Car. Keep in touch for the most recent updates! Happy New Year!
My Drift (or I should say "Dream") Machine is developing. I'm getting inside. Some parts are detailed, some have placeholders which later will turn into actual parts/devices. I asked somebody competent about some specific equipment. Wonder If I get a clue... That's all for today People. Stay tuned. Thanks!
Placeholders replaced with objects. They require minor or greater details and corrections here nad there, however that gives idea of design around dasboard.
I've read a D1 Street Legal subcategory regulations which lists limitations I apparently exceeded, like only glass windows are allowed (OEM). My bad, I had to revert to original from already mounted plexiglass.
Also I added few devices required for the SL subclass, like air conditioning and audio system integrated with multi gauge LCD device, which gives more hi-tech feel to the interior. I added a driver found somewhere over net and set him in place. Driver looks good and fits well. That's all, I'm happy with that by now. 
Thanks for visiting my profile, stay in touch for most recent updates!
Patterned seats. I once saw similar pattern inside of Golf II GTI and couldn't forget it.
Another update:
-mapped windows
-mapped and textured tires in Mari
-added seals around rear windows and front lights
-mapped and textured gauges and composite switches, gauges were drawn from scratch in Photoshop
-tried rendertest on tires and rims
-added many deatils and corrections wich are hardly visible in screenshots
Behancers! I encourage you to post your own suggestions, ideas, commentaries to this work. End of the modeling is nearly here, the next step is mapping and texturing. What color or livery do you think would fit this Nissan best? Tell me and I try to consider any suggestions!
As for the livery - my main inspiration was the 1997 Nissan R-390 LM race car among some others.

Also Mirror's Edge which back in the spring had its launch.  It is my personal favourite so I willingly added connections to this game. As you look at hood over right front light you can see two stripes, similar to the tattoo which bears Faithie under her eye. Also the name of car "#NEO RUNNER" and its font style refers to the game world where main characteres were runners delivering important messages.

Rest of the livery design refers to my favourite companies like Sega, or have direct connections to installed parts and sponsors i.e. Yokohama, Advan. Nismo or Autech brand which are official Nissan tuners couldn't be missed. This stage was fun to me as I could incorporate my preferences into actual project.
While I still remember I must credit a jdmstickerboy for taking his great decals. 
Nissan Silvia "Neo Runner" S15

Nissan Silvia "Neo Runner" S15

Nissan Silvia S15. Concept drift car. D1SL class. Work in progress.