Proactivo — Brand Development.

Proactivo is a leading Company with extensive experience in the real estate sector, participating as a
General Developer or a Strategic Partner in over 500,000 salable / profitable square meters of residential, commercial , tourist, industrial
and mixed projects , with a main differentiator: The creation and innovation of unique concepts.
They called us to do a Brand renovation that fit his current & future vision, by becoming a National reference.
Our Brand concept for Proactivo is based on space distribution & divisions similar to architectural plans,
capturing the constant movement and duality of data, ideas and experience coupled with
the Company's knowledge
represented by lines to illustrate variability & transition.
The icon is a Deconstrcution of the letter "P", by the use of the brand concept.
All Editorial and Brand language is based on a responsive sections systems composed in modular editorial structures.


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