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    “Function, Restraint & Subversion in Typography” book Author: J. Namdev Hardisty/The MVA Studio Publisher: Princeton Architectura Press, 2011
Function, Restraint & Subversion in Typography

This is the 3rd book written by MVA Creative Director J. Namdev Hardisty and his first attempt at long-form writing. 
Matte black cover with a black foil-stamp.
A rigid sense of structure, typography, and color is used throughout the book. 
Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk Bold set all-caps for running headers and pagination, and Century Schoolbook Roman and Italic for text.
There are no graphic elements in the book that aren’t a direct expression of content. Each page contains only images of each designer’s work and typography.
Interviews with champions of the new typography are entirely image-less and printed reversed out of black and build a sense of drama into the book’s structure.
 Posters occasionally cover up the page-numbering on the right-hand pages to aid pacing and visual rhythm.