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    One of those projects that gets you into the office early and keeps you there till late.
Yess Essentials
Branded design, packaging and web site
Yess Essentials products are very unusual and sit between conventional European skincare and traditional African remedies. We had to find a way of presenting the brand that would be familiar to the African diaspora and at the same time appealing to Europeans who may never have encountered this type of product before.

After extensive research into competing brands in the UK and the United States we realised that no other company was attempting to do what Yess Essentials was planning and that to succeed we would have to create something very different that at the same time was familiar. A cornucopic illustration is woven into the brand and packaging, to conveying the fact that the products are packed full of fruit, nut oils and herbs. 

The core brandmark is quite fine and will be used on very different ranges in the future. Wrapping the illustration around it gives the mark greater strength and visibility in this product context.

Pearlescent tubes and caps are wrapped with graphics that convey the cornucopia of natural ingredients inside.

A pure Flash site, wrapped in html, makes it searchable and very interactive.