I've been loving isometric illustration ever since I was a kid and first saw RTS games that brought this style to peak of my interest. Warcraft, Age of Empires, and many other titles, left me enthralled with cute, small details, and most importantly, have shown me how much I like viewing the world from the skies, which made me naturally prone and skilled in isometric space.
Many years passed, and after doing a lot of professional design, illustration, and game art, this love still persists in my head and hands, bringing me to decision to, from now on, just keep doing this until I become the best of the best in depicting these kind of art.
Even though the game industry today offers a lot of work in this manner, I still learned to appreciate the value of freedom and solitary work, and would rather create this kind of art for myself and anyone who would just like seeing it, without the constrains of industrial purpose.
#isometric #illustration #rts #rpg #medieval #fantasy #gameart
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