Who are you?

3 rd Year Graphic Design brief for AUT – to make a 9 secondvideo about yourself as a desinger

“Who are you” wasa brief given to me by AUT

I started byfocusing down on the areas of my life that I use to define me most as a person,I quickly came to the fact that I am a ‘nerd’ and proud, I grew up loving 8-bitthings, and spending countless days in my youth in the sea of the internet,this all played a huge part of who I am and what I want to become within mydesign identity and outlook on life.

Within the videoone of the largest elements in it typographically is the word ”DFTBA” whatstands for ‘Don’t forget to be awesome’ what is the motto of the charity(amongother things) group I am part of ‘nerdfighters’
I choose to use a pixelated styled typeface to reference the original ‘oldschool’ type of gaming aesthetic and further enforce the style I used withinthis media.

I wanted the videoto have a pixel 8bit theme, that a not only show cases my animation skills, butalso to create a style that can be easily identified as me. In the video there are also the type of things I feel the need to have with me alwaysoutside of my design such as, my Cellphone, Ipod, headphones, and also mytattoos.

The video wascreated with 3 different visual aspects running at the same time. 2 screensplus the foreground of my desk and workspace, on screen one on the left handside, sums up of all that is pixel me, where on the right hand screen it is theother side of my personality, I am always thinking so my mind is constantly runningthrough ideas, but am able to always keep focused on the task at hand, and oftenhave more than one thing going on at once, even as I work I always have a movie,or references on my second screen, the desk itself is in the dark, as I feltthis best sums up the way I get absorbed into this pixel world, with only hintsof the outside world coming into vision now and then based on the light fromthe screens (such as sketch book and other such things)

who I am as a designer is influenced so deeply by how I live all my lives(online and offline), digital or not, I am Jordan

I am most comferable in my online pixel world, and it is where i frist discovred i love design,  
Pixel me: With the blue background being related to my favourt book 
original mood board and start of development
original storyboard concept
character design of the Pixel me
First draft of animation content First draft of animation content
For Academic Purposes Only
Directed by Jordan Hodson
All Photographs & Illustrations by Jordan Hodson
Music by Lost Woods Dubstep Remix - Ephixa
Edited in Photoshop After Effects and illustrator