36 Days of Type - 2016
36 Days of Type is a fun project that invites all designers, illustrators, and more to thirty-six days
of creativity. The rules are easy: create one letter or number a day. I'll be posting mine daily on Instagram!
April 17  -  U is for Unicorn
Sometimes you need that pick me up!
April 15  -  R is for Radioactive
Don't touch!
April 14  -  Q is for Quantum
Physics powers.
April 12  -  O is for Ogre
Nasty ogreses.
April 11  -  N is for Nekomata
A Japanese cat spirit.
April 10  -  M is for Marid
A water elemental spirit.
April 9  -  L is for Ljosalfar
Ljosalfar are light elves, or sun spirits. The runes are for 'sun' and 'eternity'.
April 8  -  K is for Kitsune
Sneaky tricksters or faithful companions? Depends on the story.
Kitsune are fox spirits from Japan.
April 7  -  J for Jabberwock
This is my interpretation of a spooky baby Jabberwock.
April 6  -  I for Ifrit
A Middle Eastern fire spirit. And also a Final Fantasy summon.
Partially inspired by the summoning glyph of Belias from FFXII.
April 5  -  H is for Harpy
A creature from Greek mythology - a bird with a human face. 
April 4  -  G is for Ghost
A spooky ghost.
April 3  -  F is for Fenrir
A Norse mythological creature, the wolf so big he can eat the moon.
April 2  -  E is for Elven
Magical elven bows and magical glowing arrows.
March 31  -  C is for Cyclops
Some sort of baby Cyclops creature.

March 30  -  B is for Basilisk
A European creature - a massive serpent. Even the baby one can your arm off!
March 29  -  A is for Alien
The first day of 36 Days! To start off, a space traveler!
36 Days of Type - 2016

36 Days of Type - 2016

36 Days of Type is a creative challenge: make one letter or number a day and see if you can make it to the end!