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    The work was done for Bloom Branding Consultants & Designers
PMU Cafeteria Proposal
The design concept is modern and luminous. It provides a comfortable and a unique place to dine in. Consider the eye-catching details that will enhance the visual presentation of the restaurant among other things like the menus, artwork, and shelving. The Interior & graphic design in this restaurant are in a symmetrical line design & very captivated which make it charming and intriguing to the eyes.

The restaurant looks trendy and colorful and the atmosphere reflects the food healthiness with its full natural colors. The green color with the white color offers cleanliness. while black offer power and fashion. Decor and ambiance play a huge role in getting the visitors to desire the food that is keeping them on coming back.

The path starts when the people come and pick plates from the shelves on the beginning of the buffet ,and ends with the cashier, where there is the tree-shape shelves holding the pre-made food packs, the big posters of healthy colorful images of food in the center of the restaurant, and the lighted shelving in the back side holding verity bottles designs.