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    Fashion editorial story based on the dolls Ken & Barbie for VS Magazine.a
Casting "Ken & Barbie"
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I'd only worked with Ellen once before and that was many years ago, so it was I was Thrilled when Annabel Schofield from Bella Bene, who produced the shoot called me with the booking. 

This job was so much fun to cast; not only did the models have to have incredible bodies and Barbie doll perfect looks, but they also had to be able to hold these uncomfortable doll-like poses! As you can see they all rose to the occasion and the result was fantastic. 

: Valerie Van Der Graff @ Select, Aleah Morgan @ LA Models, Lauren Young @ Elite, Stephanie C @ LA Models, Sissel @ Storm.

Kens: Paul Roemer & Sterling @ LA Models, Xander @ VisionKens: Paul Roemer & Sterling @ LA Models, Xander @ Vision