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    Both works were done in March 2012.
Vandana Swing/ A Tractor Story
30"x 22" portrait/ 22"x 30" landscape
These two works were completed within 5 days at a residency I did in March. I was inspired by the environment at the residency. For 'Vandana-Swing', my inspiration stemmed from the host's daughter whose name is Vanadana, a swing set, the flora and fauna. The other piece, 'A Tractor Story' sourced inspiration from the tractors, their uses on the farm and the elements connected to the daily life of a tractor.
It was a great experience, I hope you all enjoy the work.
Have a great one!
Vandana Swing, 30"X 22", Pen and Ink, 2012
A Tractor Story, 22"X 30", Pen and Ink, 2012