comics/graphic novels/ anthologies
I work from script but also write my own stories. Right now, unless there's a page rate (with some backend), I'm reviewing scripts on a case by case basis. I'm not really one for spec unless it's my own work. Below are a few samples but more are available on my homepage.
This was one heavily researched short story. The writer interviewed Ian MacKaye and one of the members from Bad Brains. Ian was kind enough to provide some photo reference from back in the day. Matt first came up to me and told me Ian MacKaye was going to write something for the anthology District Comics. Sight unseen I flat out told him I would draw it. While Ian was too busy to write the piece, he was interviewed for the story. This was an easy story to draw. What information I lacked, I drew from my music-obsessed memory. To this day, I still go up to the front by the stage. It's the best 'seat' in the house. Moshing, thank god, has calmed down significantly since I started seeing bands. Nothing as crazy as the heyday of DC hardcore.