Alkotóhét2016 - Catenary Studies
Documentation of the design and building process of a catenary-like brick structure.
Made within 2 days - design and construction - with the aid of CADenary program. The project was the part of the "Project Week 2016" of the Faculty of Architecture - TU Budapest.
Szandra Borsai, Dóra Barbara Brosch, Máté Csapó, Fruzsina Eszter Damásdi, Kitti Fényes, Luca Gallyas, Tamás Péter Hauer, Zsófia Kocsis, Dániel Sipeki, Máté Sóti, Sándor Soma Szanyi, Szabolcs Bence Szőke, Marcell Sándor Tamáska, Péter Pál Ther, Enikő Viszló, Réka Zelena
   Project leaders:
Tamás Ther, István Sajtos, Dezső Hegyi
/Dept. Mechanics, Materials and Structures - Budapest University of Technology and Economics/
The breaking news...
(much better videos are coming soon, we just could not wait to show You this one!)
1st day - Form-finding
The FEM model of the structure (AXIS VM). The normal forces and the bending moments of the arches and the vertical deflections based on elastic state. In the left column the acting force is the dead-load, in the right additional live-loads are acting.
2nd day - Construction
3rd day - Removing the shuttering... aaand it works!
Alkotóhét2016 - Catenary Studies