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    This is some process work of Fourth year project
4th Year
PROJECT - process

This is some of my process work of my 4th year project (whole year project). My concept is based on the game of Balderdash. I am aiming to bring forgotten/unknown words to life by building them 3 dimentionally. together with each words' new definition, published in as what I like to call a DESIGNERS' FICTIONARY .. The first two words were basically experiments, but these two words are the first of the bunch. The words are fur fur and goofah.. 

I am also planning on photographing each word inside the fictionary and somewhere inside the book, the origional meanings of the words wil also be seen.. Each word will be exhibited with a perspex plate, giving the new meaning of the word. -I handed out lists of these words, asking people to write down what they thought the words meant, then out of those answers I formulated my new meanings. and created the words from there...