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    HANGAR. Art. Music. Photography. Film Production. Concept Design. Architecture. Because We Can. Imagine ....
Designed by Raif Kurt

Illustrated and animated by Hangar Concept Development Team

Music by Raif Kurt - Classical Mind

Infinity: A part of a geometric magnitude that lies beyond any part whose distance from a given reference position is finite...

Infinity is the feeling of belongingness, in which the feeling of belonging is at the maximum level if you are open to the world and yourself...

In our concept design of architecture, we try to make that feeling alive.

You're living in a building in the middle of the city with the luxury of seeing the environment around you with 360 degree angle. You're in the crowded city, in your apartment but when you look from your window even the sky is not the limit!

The experience of making the feeling of infinity alive and real is given to you!