Minds Eye - Pirate show in April
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    This is my latest body of work that I have been making for a show at Pirate: Contemporary Art in Denver
Minds Eye
Recent works

This series of work is a continuationof the artist’s exploration into perception. How we see and the similarities and differences in what we see. In this instance, how I, in my minds eye, seeobjects and the other that they become and how someone else will perceive thisnew configuration. This exploration hasbeen loosely based on Gestalt theory, which is the principle that maintainsthat the human eye sees objects in their entirety before perceiving theirindividual parts.
In titling this show, I came upon thephrase "mind's eye", areference to the human ability for visualization, one's ability to see thingswith the mind. Much of my work in the pasthas been about how we filter symbolism and information through our lifehistories to create varied viewpoints. I am not sure the concepts behind thephrase help to explain my thought processes but it somehow helps to connect therandom nature of them.
Crystallization of the Moment
Esoteric Formulae
In Ease and Quiet

Only When the Clock Stops
Rhythm of Air
Shadow of Leaves
Solid Ether
Within the Narrative