Sabat Magazine 1 - The Maiden Issue
Sabat Magazine fuses witchcraft and feminism, ancient archetypes and instant art. The Maiden Issue goes out to teen witches of all ages, exploring witchcraft today. Encouraging a coven of thought, it preaches a fearless approach to finding the powers within. 

Public domain images are remixed and used as graphic spreads. Our logotype interacts with it framing key elements. 

Magazine stills by: Adrenus Craton 
Graphic spreads display quotes set in Barnbrook's Virus DejaVu font.

Apart from the graphic spreads, just one typeface (Larish Alte) was used in the magazine. Hierarchy was achieved using different sizes, identation and position on the page.  

Otabinding: enabling pages to open near to flat and cards to be placed anywhere.

Tear off cards that become a poster.

Section printed on bible paper.

Logo isn't printed, it's just spot vanish on cover.

Photos from readers on Instagram 

Photo: @nyxturna
Photo by Untamed Woods
Sabat Magazine was published 21st March 2016
Editor and Creative Director: Elisabeth Krohn
Graphic Design and Art Direction: Cleber Rafael de Campos
Writers: Elisabeth Krohn, Pam Grossman, Lucius Matthiesen, Paige Zaferiou, Arthur Machen 
Photographers: Fay Nowitz, Katie Karpetz, Amanda Cerulean, Segovia Amil, Laris Rasidovic, Adrenus Craton, Rik Garrett, Elisabeth Krohn, Nona Limmen, Simone Steenberg, Lolo Bates, Arvida Byström, Ellen Rogers, Klara Michel
Artists: Fay Nowitz, Tarin Yuangtrakul, Jas Helena, Lisen Haglund, Estevan Silveira, Indio San
Proofreader and literary consultant: Diana Evans
Cover credits: Photographer: Simone Steenberg Model: Drew (FM Agency) Stylist: Elisabeth Krohn Hair stylist: Michael Moon MUA: Carlotta NutiFashion by Eres and stylist’s own
Printer: Cassochrome, Belgium
Typefaces: Larish Alte (Radim Pesko), Albertus (Berhold Wolpe), Virus VujaDe (Jonathan Barnbrook) 
Papers: Offset Maxioffset, Munken Pure Rough and Offenbach bible paper
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Sabat Magazine 1 - The Maiden Issue

Sabat Magazine 1 - The Maiden Issue

Sabat Magazine fuses Witchcraft and feminism, ancient archetypes and instant art. This Maiden issue goes out to teen Witches of all ages, explori Read more
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