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    A series of photos for a Photography class at the Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand.
Acquainted With the Night
Photography Series
There's a night everyday. We are used to the darkness, to the shadows.We wait for it, because is different, is magical: The stars shine, the bodies dream and the possibilities are enormous.

The night pleases you because it allows you to transform into a different person,to do those things you wouldn't do in broad daylight and to hide from everybodyelse...or even from yourself. It pleases you because it suppresses idle details,just as your memory does.

The night brings mystery, empty spaces and expectation. It brings an ex-coupletogether after a time far away from each other. She just can't pretend any longer; or at least that's what she thinks. He is blindfolded by the routine, and can't see anything beyond his plans...if there are any.

A night is enough time to discover if there's any hope or if there's anything at all.She just wants him to listen what her eyes are screaming. It goes beyond a heartbreak; some places are more frightening than solitude and God only knowswhat would happen when you find yourself there. It's the time when you don't want to sleep, because you never know if when you wake up all will be the sameor if you'll be back in your dark place, again to feel the pain.