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Traditional/abstract art, 2014 and earlier
My little experiments in getting dirty with paint. :)
I've been starting to enjoy myself more and more with traditional art , and so, I've started making paintings, sketches, getting used to the various paints and tools I own. It's very relaxing and helps me not become oversaturated with digital work I've been doing a lot.

My favorites are watercolor and ink mixtures, I still have to buy gouache colors to begin practicing that.

If anyone is interested in a print, everything is possible, just contact me.

You can follow my work on and
This is a watercolor/red ink mixed media illustration, the original format is ~A5 on 200gr hot-press watercolor paper. It took about 3hrs to complete. Just two colors, one brush and one pen for each, nothing fancy, the red ink actually costs about 50 cents.

You're free to interpret it as you see fit, to me it's a sci-fi city with a ship or something passing by, or just a cityscape.

If someone is interested, I will make prints up to A4 or A3 available.
Watercolor/Ink mixed media. Orange watercolor with touches of Umbra and Vermilion, and red Chinese stamping ink. I'm really beginning to like this extremely cheap red ink. Original size is A5.