Goboiano Merchandises
Goboiano is a popular online platform where anime fans can congregate and read up on articles pertaining to their interest in Japanese pop culture. They also got a pair of character mascots, Anni and Mei whom they are interested in monetizing through character goods. 
Although CDS was not the original character designer for the pair, we were engaged to re-intepret their characters to make into apparel-based character goods. Goboiano will provide a theme or a direction along with a couple of references and then from there on, it is mostly down to CDS to design it in whatever way we want. 
The first in line was "Welcome to the Internet" featuring the (apparently) more popular of the sister duo, Mei. The indicated art direction was something more stylized that anime fans can proudly wear.
To that end, the artist included a Sadako-ish approach of having Mei bursting out of the computer screen (with the always Internet popular cat ears!) welcoming the viewer to a life of otakudom. At the same time, the entire image was chockful of internet memes. Some are easier to identify such as Doge, Long Cat or 'The cake is a lie'. Others, not so. That said, the truely dedicated internet denizens will be able to recognize most, if not all, of them. The ability to recognize everything will give them true bragging rights to their peers.  
Welcome to the Internet

You live the internet. You breathe the internet. But do you internet enough to name all of the memes on this item? Only the most memeful beings can solve this mystery.

If you are up to the challenge, send us a message at shop@goboiano.com and we’ll drop you a little something special if you get it right. ;)
The next brief was simply "something minimalistic". Thus the really simple, black & white approach to the next piece of work. Taking up Mei once again, the artist came up with thus. 
The title "Milky Way" was later given by the client but we thought it was a pretty good name. The main objective was to come up with something really cute while maintaining a minimalist approach. Hopefully, it worked out in the end!
Milky Way

Sweet like strawberry milk, this shirt has +10 anime imbued in it.
This brief was simply "Cuter than your waifu". As the client explained, 2D waifus are a common trope within the anime community to indicate which female character does the fan like best (at the moment). These can lead to 'waifu wars' where fans debate at length why their favorite character is superior to other fan's favorite character. 
So the artist decided to depict (finally) Anni in a stereotypical cutsie pose as part of a spoof. Then have her surrounded with other cutish props such as the giant lolippop or the candies. 
Along the way, we also did a more 'sinister' version of the artwork. Instead of having Anni in the self-aware, cutsie facial expression, we gave her a more 'yandere' look. The client liked it so much that we gave them both designs with the hope that they will figure out how to do lenticular printing on their apparel. 
While tentatively, both 'cute' and 'yandere' versions are separate apparels, we hope that down the road, the client will be able to find a source of manufacturing that allows for both designs to co-exist on the same apparel. 
Cuter Than Your Waifu

The anime world is filled with anime wives known as “Waifu”. They have infiltrated the members of the anime community and pierced the heart of the most elite weebs. But what about you?

Surely you’re better than that. No waifu can compare to your 3D greatness and you want the world to know that.

So we made this shirt with love to help you show that you are indeed cuter than their pleb waifus. 
There is one more design which was not unveiled on the site yet. The brief provided was to have something creepy (and still somewhat cool). Something along the lines of Tokyo Ghoul. A gothic, Tokyo-Ghoul-ish design for Anni was the result. 
Perhaps this will see daylight when they managed to find a suitable manufacturer to make the best of the design!
All merchandises can be found on the Goboiano shop online. Be sure to buy some if you want to support either Goboiano or CDS! 
p.s. We did the web banner design too!
The final products, looking at the photos, look even better than the mock-ups on the shop! 
Account Management: KC Ng
"Welcome to the Internet", "Milky Way", "Creepy Anni" Designer: Tan Hui Tian
"Cuter than your Waifu" Designer: Low Zi Rong
Web banner designs: Tan Hui Tian
Goboiano Merchandises

Goboiano Merchandises

Design character goods based on existing mascot characters for anime community website, Goboiano


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