Conceptual layouts
Concept Redesign 1 - Smithsonian Journeys Catalog
Full cover image, front and back, with subtle graphic additions which carry into the inside pages, an with a more elegant font carried throughout spreads.
Sample inside layouts. Intro page- full photo front & back, thus opening up entire spread for more air of look. Also carried elements from cover into inside, and using more modern font for a more updated and elegant look.
Another Inside sample spread - I think if we could break up some of the pages via color, perhaps a bit less copy if possible and coordinating design it would flow more nicely on the eyes, like a magazine vs. a catalog with every page being the same layout.
Concept Redesign 2 - Smithsonian Journeys Catalog
Full cover image again, front and back, with a few trend stylized additions that carry over into the inside pages.
Design 2 inside spread has color bands on each side and will change color according to region.
Conceptual layouts