Jacque Prior – Featured Artist Profile
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    IncStamp artist profile on Jacque Prior, featured artist for the IncStamp Imbalance exhibition.
Starting out at university studying a dual degree in IT and Science, Jacque soon realised that is just wasn't for her. She began studying Communication Design the year after. While she really enjoyed Uni, Jacque feels her formal training has only played a small role in where she is today and where she sees herself going.

A lot of hard work (that is still going) and an ethos of never giving up have been drivers in her work to date. 

"What helped most was the hours of experimenting with design, animation, illustration, typography, art and everything in between and gaining as much experience as I could through internships, jobs and my own or volunteer projects." 
"Miss O'Ginny"
From where/what/whom do you seek inspiration?
It sounds monumentally corny but I really do believe that you are inspired by everything and are informed by all of your experiences. Dated signage, the colour combination of a strangers outfit, patterns and shapes in architecture, the list goes on. Some of the numerous creatives that inspire me include Wim Crowel, Mike Perry, Jeremyville, Jon Burgerman, Kate Moross, Gemma Correll, Jessica Hische, Aakash Nihalani, Mikey Burton, Frank Chimero and Olly Moss. And my family, they're the biggest inspiration of all.

By your own interpretation of 'good' or 'evil', which side are you on? And what can we plan to see in your Imbalance artwork?
As much as I enjoy a deliciously evil and devious character, I am too soft at heart to be evil. My conscience is like Dory from Finding Nemo – impossible to ignore! I often struggle to make good, disciplined choices for myself so my own internal fight between good and evil will inform my artwork for Imbalance.

What do you have planned for 2012?
I always have far too many of my own projects going on so in-between work and everything else, I plan on expanding my online store, exhibiting more of my work, exploring and developing my illustration and typography, getting back into printmaking and trying to reach that ever illusive goal of blogging more consistently.

Favourite places in Brisbane that motivate you to work on your art/design?
There are so many! Old power stations, like The Powerhouse and Substation Number 4; tiny little coffee places hidden around corners in The Valley and West End; any gallery or museum, from the huge GOMA to the tiny space where Nine Lives used to be; and the peace and quiet of parks where you can just escape everything and focus on drawing.

Your thoughts on the art and design scene in Brisbane?
I love that it is continuing to grow and gain more and more of the recognition it deserves, while still remaining small and connected enough for everyone to know what's going on and never miss out on anything.

"Obsession and Lies"