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Saint-Gobain Anniversary Book
Saint-Gobain Anniversary Book
Celebrating 100 years of Silicium Carbide production in Eydehavn, Norway
Ths winter, Innoventi edited and designed the 100-year anniversary book for the local smelting plant in Arendal, Norway.

Since 1912, the smelting plant in Eydehavn has produced silicium carbide for a world wide market. Silicium Carbide is the sand on sandpaper. The book is named Sika after the the short name for silicium carbide.

The intent of the book is to to give insight to the relationships between the smelting plants, the workers and the local community. Use of large, often full-bleed portraits brings the reader close to the people woking at and living with the smelting plant.

Typography, grid system and color are inspired by the industrial surroundings.

What makes the smelting plant interesting from a designer's point of view, are the extreme contrasts. The use of size contrast in the typography reflects the extreme size differences found at the plant. The buildings and machines are colossal, while the products are shipped as fine ground sand and dust.