Graphic elaboration of the short story "Atlas Świata" (World Atlas) by Petra Soukupová in 4 different versions. 

The first concept was to create a convenient booklet without an illustration layer.
The second version is experimental and is in the form of a poster — map in A1 format where different paragraphs of the story represent different lands. I used a game element here: in order to know the reading order, the user must find with the wind rose relevant paragraphs in accordance with their coordinates.

The third version was to combine the text with the graphics layer. I used the satellite photographs and text printed on calque.
The project was implemented during the 6-month-long "€œKopublikacja" workshop in Wroclaw which ended with a publication of "Opowiadanie" — an anthology of short stories by 15 different graphic designers, 15 illustrators and 15 type designers. I was a member of the group involved in the layout where the participants had to design their story in collaboration with illustrator and type designer.
Cover of „Opowiadanie" book was designed by Pillcrow studio
World Atlas