Exit the King
Exit the King was a theatrical production by the RIT players. The production utilized three projections across three screens. The images were controlled using WatchOut over the course of the play. Much of the timings needed to be adjusted manually for the work to sync with the performance.

The play is about a dying king in a fantastical world. As he dies over the course of the play, the world around him crumbles and falls apart. 

In producing the work, Ross Cameron worked on the models I later took care of the modeling and remodeled areas of his work. The hallways were textured, lit, and rendered by me.

Some animation was produced to display the crumbling castle interior as well. These are not displayed here. Overtime, a very subtle transition would occur between images eventually leading to absolutely nothing on the screens.

Autodesk Maya was used to model the scenes, textures were produced using Filter Forge and Photoshop, the images were rapidly rendered with Octane renderer. 
Below: How the projections looked like.