French Rabbit Wine Packaging
French Rabbit Wine Packaging
Package Redesign
French Rabbit is an extension of the Boisset Family Estates Winery. The eco-friendly company uses Tetra Prisma packaging instead of glass bottles. The redesigned packaging is made from recycled glass wine bottles instead of Tetra Prisma containers to display an upscale version of the brand. Each rabbit is customized according to the type of wine. The rabbits were hand-drawn, transferred to linoleum block and carved out by hand. Packaging includes an opening flap with laser-etched logo, an oval die-cut and secured with a belly band.
French Rabbit wine family redesigned to display an upscale version of the product line.
When the belly band is removed from the packaging, a laser-etched French Rabbit logo is revealed. The opening flap exposes an oval die-cut to mimic the idea of a rabbit hole.
Sketches of rabbits for Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Merlot, carved linoleum blocks and ink block tests.
Merlot linoleum block before and after images and application to Merlot wine label.