F1 Heroes - Portraits

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  • The process:

    First, I made fast low-resolution sketch, to set colors and block composition based on reference photograph.
    At the beginning my art board is around 72-75 dpi and I'm starting to paint with large brushes and play with the color scheme.  When I'm satisfied with effects I set the resolution to 150 dpi.  The final stage has 300 dpi and details such as hair, marks on face, eyes or highlight blinks. 
    This is my first project with this technique. I'm open for suggestions.
  • F1 Heroes
    This is my tribute to F1 drivers.
    All portraits painted digitally in PS.

    Juan Manuel Fangio
    Driver from Argentina, who
    dominated the first decade
    of Formula One racing.

    Aryton Senna
    Brazilian three-time Formula
    One world champion, he is
    generally regarded as one of the
    greatest F1 drivers to have raced.

    Michael Schumacher
    He is a seven-time World Champion
    and is widely regarded as one of the<br "clear:="" both;="" color:="" #000000;="" font-family:="" droid-sans-mono-1,="" droid-sans-mono-2,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 11px;="" background-cowired="" magazinegreatest F1 drivers of all time. 

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