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Negligible Inertia

A chapbook of limited edition poems. Gold-embossed, hand-stitched and hand-bound 
with hand-woven sari cloth. Published by Writers Workshop, Kolkata, India. 

Publisher and Calligrapher: P. Lal 

Some other points of note.

– Lawrence Ferlinghetti liked it. He thought it looked Persian. 

– 'It deserves a second read,' an Irish critic proclaimed, upon assurance of anonymity, 
and brilliantly resisted the urge to do so.

– No.8 was included in The Golden Treasury of Writers Workshop Poetry, an anthology 
commemorating the pioneering press' 50th anniversary. A 'who's who' of Indian poets 
writing in English. And me. Sorry, literature. Edited by Rubana Huq. http://bit.ly/2lnQURH

– Four poems were published online by minima: 

– Four pieces were read live for Wake Up And Smell The Poetry
Hopkinton Public Access TV, Hopkinton (US).

– Two pieces were read at The Poetry Shack in Athens (US).

– Two or three pieces were taught in a freshman English Lit class
at the University of Georgia, Athens (US).

– Generous shelf space was provided by the following purveyors 
of fine words in the US. A big Thank You to them all.

Brick Walk Bookshop, West Hartford
Brookline Booksmith, Brookline
City Lights Bookstore, San Francisco
Grolier Poetry Book Shop, Cambridge*
Thar Treasures, Jamaica Plain
Wellesley Booksmith, Wellesley

*The oldest continuously run poetry bookshop in the US. Some 95 years old. Go Grolier.

Photographer: Bruce Rogovin – https://www.rogovin.com/

Cheers for checking it out.

Negligible Inertia

Negligible Inertia

Chapbook of limited edition poetry.