Let's begin the story by our client’s goal of developing a product for the mobile market's apps promotion – AppinTop.
1st stage
Was included development of the platform interface 1.0 as well as the strategy scheme for banner generation and promotion..
2nd stage
During the stage we have developed a banner automatic placement system.
It was a very unique project in the market at the time (2013-14). 
The idea of system operation was simple-based on current markets 
(Facebook, Google Play, App Store, etc.)
The system identifies an application by the following criteria: category, platform and screen orientation.

After that we have developed and designed universal styles generator for all the mobile devices. 
Each style contained 30 different templates that allowed smart-objects to create banners with unique graphics.

As the result, we have created 50 different size banners. The banners  are generated automatically with all the requirements and for all existing markets.
Successful job has led our teams to continue cooperation for all over the next 9 months to support the entire AppinTop system. 
Thank you! 
AppinTop team:

General manager
Nikolay Evdokimov

Product manager
Olesya Egozina

Konstantin Varik

Looi team:

Art director
Artur Arsenov

Julia Kondratieva 
Igor Stepahin

Technical Designer
Ekaterina Cherniakova

AppInTop: part I