This project began as a submission to the Better Philadelphia Challenge.  After the competition submission in October, the course focused on developing our ideas and projects for a presentation at the semester's end.  
The project began focusing on developing a masterplan for the future development of the Mantua neighborhood in West Philadelphia.  
The masterplan was developed using a mathematical principal called a Voronoi.  First points of density were established throught the area.  These point were then utilized to develope the voronoi, and from there suitable areas of development were determined.
From this it was decided to develop three main spaces throughout the neihgborhood.  The first being a renovated Lancaster Ave, a smaller urban public space, and a larger park space.
After the competition the team focused on developing the large park space.  (The final product can be seen in the fly through video at the top of the page)  The design is to create a moment along the new Mantua Greenway which the city has already invested a large amount of resources into.  The space offers a variety of programming to reinvigorate the local economy, culture, and neightborhood in general.