Drushyo=Visual & Kala=Arts
Visual Arts of West Bengal
West Bengal is the hubof creative talents. Its skill in architectural splendors, excellent works onterracotta, woodwork, pats, paintings, textile run unparallel. West Bengal is famousround the whole world for its expertise in visual art and crafts. Bengali Script is very delicate and decorative, it has very confident curves which gives the script a dynamic identity. 
The language has its own aura which attracts the most. 

We say ‘visual speaks a thousand words’ but ‘I say pen is mightier than sword’, and present you this piece of creative 
art forms typographically.

The book designed includes the various aspects of Visual Arts ertaining to West Bengal which are having great potential in the field of art. I have explored the art forms which are usually image based, by expressing them through my typographic skills.